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The Biggest Game Jam Event for women!

Wherever you are around the world, show everyone your talents in game development and win valuable prizes!

Our goal is to showcase the work of women in game development and encourage more women to pursue the industry! 

Register now and make magic happen!

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Prize Pool

15,000 SAR (4,000 USD)

Winners' Categories:

1- Local winner:

5,000 SAR (1333 USD)

2- Regional winner: 5,000 SAR (1333 USD)

3- International winner: 5,000 SAR (1333 USD)

4- Community winner:

Hyperx Headset for the Top Voted Game


Exclusive to women 




8-16 June 2023



Register now! 

Thanks for registering. Check your email address for more details! 

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  • Do I have to travel to Riyadh participate or obtain the prize?
    No, it is optional to either participate online or on-site.
  • Can I attend the game jam physically?
    Yes, you can either participate in the game jam online, or attend the game jam physically in a venue exclusive for women in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The venue's location: RESS Gaming Center Location link:
  • How will we know if the games are submitted by women?
    She Jams will have a team of moderators who will preform several steps to ensure that all the submitted games are made by women. If the game is not made by a team of women, it will be disqualified.
  • Can our team have male members?
    No, all the team members must be women as our objective is to highlight the work of women in all game development fields.
  • Can I participate in the game jam without a team?
    Yes, it is optional to form a team in She Jams.
  • How can I form a team?
    Once you register to participate in the game jam, an email will be sent to you with a discord link where you can meet everyone and form teams!
  • What is the ceremony day?
    The ceremony day is the final day of She Jams event, where the winners will be announced. The ceremony day will also have a showcase event of the games developed in She Jams. The ceremony day can be attended in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and will be streamed for participants outside of Riyadh.
  • How can I attend the ceremony day online?
    The ceremony day will be streamed on GCON's channel on Twitch. Link:
  • Where will be the ceremony day?
    The ceremony day will be held At the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology HQ, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Location link:
  • Who can attend the ceremony day?
    Everyone (men and women) is welcome to attend the ceremony day. A registration link to attend will be shared in our website and social media.
She Jams


Toby Evans.jpeg
Peeyush Gulati.jpeg
Hanan Makki.jpg
Layla Albabtain.jpeg

Toby Evan-Jones

Peeyush Gulati

Hanan Makki

Layla Albabtaim

Executive Director of Gaming
VP of Productions
Savvy Games Studios
Gaming Project Manager
Saudi Digital Academy
Player One
She Jams


She Jams ambassadors

Ambassadors are Women in Games Orginzations or prominent individuals from all around the world who will represent their communities in She Jams! 
Please contact us if you want to be an ambassador!


Jing Wang

Natasha Skult
Chairperson of W Love Games

w in games.jpeg

Women in Games

UK - International
F.Minha Farook.jpg
Urooj Iqbal

Fathima Minha Farook

Ronica Singh

Urooj Iqbal

Sri Lanka
South Africa
Imane amzil
Nikita Sundaram.jpeg
Debora Imanuella.jpg

Imane amzil

Nikita Sundaram

Debora Imanuella

Gracie Dimero
Maram Mohamed .jpg
Johana Riquier

Gracie Dimero

Maram Mohamed
Ladies Arena

Johana Riquier

Gamerging Solutions

Sénégal & United Kingdom

Tasneem Al-Tamimi

Rawaa Fattouh
Tamatem Games

Shorouq Ghneim
Tamatem Games

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Xiange Wang.jpg

Xiange Wang


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